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Con report

So this time last week I was a little of base. I wrote a Non con report.

This isn't exactly a report, it's more observations and musings.

Some years FilKONtario work better than others. some years are stellar cons and all that but that's all. Other years have a, dare I say Magical quality to them. This year was Superb, and it hit the magic out of the park. Having been on the Con com for some years I always try and figure out WHY some years hit it out of the park and others are just, well really, really good. And I have never been able to. Guests? Location? Attendies? Con Com? It seems to be some unknowable mix of all four. Years where the magic isn't there we still have the best filk con I know. sorry other guys, but that's the way IO see it. When the mix is right? well I love magic. So this years Con com. Don't worry about trying to repilcate this year, you can't. All you can do is continue to do the hard work and planning that you always do. You don't know know how to do anything less. You are together greater than the sum of your parts. keep up the good work. And if next year is not "Magic" it will still be FilKONtario so therefore it will still be awesome.

Vicky regards her trip to FilKONtario as her "vacation" I love watching here interacting with people she knows. Someday I'd like to get her to another con. I just wish California or England weren't so far. Consonance and the British Filk con would be my first choice of cons to take her. I suspect it will be the NE floating filk con or OVFF. Both good conventions.

I love working the Interfilk table, it gives me a reason to be in the room. That might sound dumb, but I can deal with the noise and people when I have to be there. I need to be useful. More musings on that and how it's connected to how well I function as I figure it out. Interfilk is an awesome organisation, I love giving back to it in any way I can. Sitting the tables at FilKONtario seems like little enough.

It was nice to see the inductees into the Filk Hall of fame. I didn't get to talk to Cecilia Eng but did talk to Roberta Rowgow. her comment "I feel validated" resonated with me. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who would like to feel that way. I'm not alone. Perhaps it's not a horrible thing to want people to acknowledge that I have made a contribution.

My last post was made in the throws of post con let down. What I said was how I felt. But I've had a chance to re-calibrate. I suspect that the tweak to my meds, and a start reading the book the Dr recommended "Mind over Mood" has made a difference. I should know better than to base how I feel on the end of a con, especially Sunday night. I may not always like all of me, but I am working on it, and for the most part the filk community local and extended is a huge support. I need it and would miss it if it were gone.

So a con report that isn't a con report.


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May. 1st, 2013 12:18 pm (UTC)

I'm very happy you enjoyed the con so much and I appreciate your work on it over the years and this year.

Everybody is more gloomy when they're tired. And after a con, people can be *really* tired.
May. 1st, 2013 06:05 pm (UTC)
I've never been to a filk con that wasn't wonderful in many ways. I daresay that each individual event is going to be magical for some people, and not so much for others. I've had some where I left feeling like an outsider, maybe because of just one incident or lack of incident (often entirely my own doing, or lack of doing), and others where the music I heard was great and the music I made seemed appreciated and that I belonged. (probably the critical thing for me is to jam with a musician or musicians I admire on Sunday night. That leaves me all warm and fuzzy inside) I'm glad that this year's FilKOntario was extra magical for you! You certainly deserve it.
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