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School is both a near and far. The first week is an introduction to the program and we don't actually begin classes until the ninth. Wayne has a surprise Epidural on the 6th of September. No idea how we are gong to work that out. Although I'm not complaining about the epidural. Mike is registered and Ian will be registering the first week.

September looms

It seems that I get to go to school in September. Social Services Worker. Second Career will cover all tuition, books, and what ever other expenses attached to the start of school. They will also pay something of an allowance each month, all I have to do is see if the Second Career funding will muddle up Ontario Works. I don't think it will because when we applied I told them I was applying to Second Career and asked if I would still be eligible if i went to school on Second Career. They said it wouldn't. D, my worker with Second Career wants to double check. That will have to wait until Tuesday. I am how ever getting VERY excited that I can go back to school, two years worth. Mike had been accepted into the PSW program, I'm getting my old text books together for him. It will save $700 or so for him. And Ian is all set for upgrading. This means there will be three of us at Northern College. Kind of cool.

Quick note.

I keep on forgetting to post here. Facebook is where you will find me more these days. But I thought I should do a quick hey look Heather's in the hospital. I went to emerg on Thursday following three days of diarrhea, that alone wouldn't have sent me off, pain and throwing up is what got me to go. With all the adhesions I have I don't fool around with that combo. The good news was no obstruction partial or otherwise. Not so good news I have pancreatitis, the two main causes of this are a) a gall stone makes a visit and b) heavy alcohol use. So we have no idea why this happened. I love the word idiopathic. Really it's a cool word. So I miss the bikers reunion, a big deal up here, and might still be here on Monday. I don't think I will for sure, I think they will let me out tomorrow, they discontinued my IV about an hour ago. Oh and while the hospitals free WiFi works really well my room is right on the end of the building. I don't get connectivity there at all. So I am in the surgical waiting room at the moment.

More ater


since I can now play with Vicky's old Canon a lot more I may end up posting more pictures. My dad liked pictures with people in them as a reminder of places and activities. I used to love taking pictures of flowers and rocks, textures and all that. He never really got my "arty" style. I'm hoping that I can rediscover it now and learn new things and take lots of pictures. here are two from todays walk.


Con report

So this time last week I was a little of base. I wrote a Non con report.

This isn't exactly a report, it's more observations and musings.

Some years FilKONtario work better than others. some years are stellar cons and all that but that's all. Other years have a, dare I say Magical quality to them. This year was Superb, and it hit the magic out of the park. Having been on the Con com for some years I always try and figure out WHY some years hit it out of the park and others are just, well really, really good. And I have never been able to. Guests? Location? Attendies? Con Com? It seems to be some unknowable mix of all four. Years where the magic isn't there we still have the best filk con I know. sorry other guys, but that's the way IO see it. When the mix is right? well I love magic. So this years Con com. Don't worry about trying to repilcate this year, you can't. All you can do is continue to do the hard work and planning that you always do. You don't know know how to do anything less. You are together greater than the sum of your parts. keep up the good work. And if next year is not "Magic" it will still be FilKONtario so therefore it will still be awesome.

Vicky regards her trip to FilKONtario as her "vacation" I love watching here interacting with people she knows. Someday I'd like to get her to another con. I just wish California or England weren't so far. Consonance and the British Filk con would be my first choice of cons to take her. I suspect it will be the NE floating filk con or OVFF. Both good conventions.

I love working the Interfilk table, it gives me a reason to be in the room. That might sound dumb, but I can deal with the noise and people when I have to be there. I need to be useful. More musings on that and how it's connected to how well I function as I figure it out. Interfilk is an awesome organisation, I love giving back to it in any way I can. Sitting the tables at FilKONtario seems like little enough.

It was nice to see the inductees into the Filk Hall of fame. I didn't get to talk to Cecilia Eng but did talk to Roberta Rowgow. her comment "I feel validated" resonated with me. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who would like to feel that way. I'm not alone. Perhaps it's not a horrible thing to want people to acknowledge that I have made a contribution.

My last post was made in the throws of post con let down. What I said was how I felt. But I've had a chance to re-calibrate. I suspect that the tweak to my meds, and a start reading the book the Dr recommended "Mind over Mood" has made a difference. I should know better than to base how I feel on the end of a con, especially Sunday night. I may not always like all of me, but I am working on it, and for the most part the filk community local and extended is a huge support. I need it and would miss it if it were gone.

So a con report that isn't a con report.

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I've been busy, I have seven quilt tops to finish. Five were made in the last month. I have another one in the wings laid out it's just waiting to be cut out. I think that I am back to as normal as I'm going to be after my concussion. I'm going back to school in January to finish my PSW, Mike will be doing the course in September as part of getting ready to upgrade so he can do the Practical Nursing. So we'll both graduate together, which I think could be pretty cool.

Wayne and I are going to Ad Astra this weekend, and not an hour ago we discovered that the Van is broken, again. It's been towed to the garage and hopefully there will be a functional Van by Thursday, the kids need to be mobile while we're gone. Mom will need to go shopping and get to church. While we have transit up here it's not awesome. I justhope it's not an expensive fix, it may include all the back breaks. Plus to new rear tires. I'm seeing $$$$$ signs. I hope it's not as bad as I think.

Hmmm Spring hasn't arrived, no Robins in sight, and I'm not sure how long it will be before spring actually arrives.. We will see.

More Later.